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WOK – Organic & Local Foods: Biggest Range, Best Prices!

Whāingaroa Organic Kai

All-natural, local, well-priced, and lifestyle friendly: almost too good to be true


D own a little alleyway called Electric Avenue, behind Volcom Lane, is one of Raglan’s best-kept secrets.

You’ll see people emerge carrying striking jute bags filled with organic fruit, vege and more.

WOK (Whāingaroa Organic Kai) was started in a small garage nearly 10 years ago by one family looking for ways to bring organic food to Raglan at a reasonable and affordable price (a bit like a food-buying club or co-op).

By 2015 the operation had grown enough to justify moving into a retail premise without compromising on our core principles of ethical trade and fair prices.

At WOK, we are very discerning about which products we stock. You won’t find any GMOs, preservatives or artificial colours and flavours in any of our products. You’ll have to look hard to find sugar. We are, however, high on quality, natural ingredients and – crucially in these days of slick marketing – transparency around our products and their origins.

As far as saving our planet before it’s too late, at WOK we understand that organic is not enough. The most effective and radical action is to support local goods and services. That’s why we’ve put over $230,000 back into Raglan and the surrounding area since August 2015.

We have a large selection of bulk bins offering great prices and which help reduce packaging waste.

Awareness about dairy-free, gluten-free and sugar-free options is growing faster than ever and our plucky crew can help you navigate the choppy waters of food choices. Food should be fun.

Our specialty is our popular Organic Fruit & Vege Bags which we can pack any day of the week. Just call the shop or drop in to request a mixed bag packed with fresh, in-season organic/spray-free produce. Our bestseller is the $40 mix, but you can choose from the following options:

  • $20 Fruit
  • $20 Vege
  • $40 Fruit & Vege
  • $60 Fruit & Vege
  • $75 Fruit & Vege

If you have other needs or questions about the bags, then just give us a call.

Look out for some local favourites like True Food Granola, Raglan Coconut Yogurt and Liz & Rick’s Basil Pesto.

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