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Xtreme Waste recycling room goes from ‘grotty’ to pristine

A “goodwill” contribution to the tune of $12,400 for materials has transformed Xtreme Waste’s processing room into the pristine, dairy factory-like environment Raglan can now feel proud of.

Gone is the “grotty” look, says operations manager Gavin Melgren who believes the upgrade – financed by dairy giant Fonterra – will lift the perception of the recycling and transfer station’s value in the marketplace.

“We did all the work ourselves,” he told the Chronicle last week, pointing out the new roll-on/roll-off wool bales from which plastics and glass are sorted into different categories for recycling.

A new steel trough along with the processing room’s extended concrete floor, its walls and machines are scrubbed down weekly, he adds, to ensure the hygienic recycling environment Xtreme Waste has now achieved with the back-up of Fonterra’s sustainable department.

It was a case of “like minds meet”, Gavin says of Fonterra’s goodwill gesture. “They’re all greenies and can see we’re doing a good job and want to get behind us.”

Edith Symes

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