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Raglan’s Xtreme Waste training rewarded

Over the last 12 months staff at Xtreme Waste have been training towards getting National Certificates in Recycling. On Friday 27th May Susi Batterbury, a representative from EXITO (Extractions Industry Training Organisation), came to Xtreme Waste to present these certificates. A total of 13 staff received certificates.

Xtreme Waste has been involved in getting unitstandards established through NZQA for the last 7 years. They have been working with EXITO to get these Unit Standards set up with teaching notes, assessmentand moderation tools. There are now a few hundredunit standards recyclers can choose from.

The National Certificates presented last Friday aresome of the first to be given out nationally. Rick Thorpe, Co-Manager, Xtreme Waste, says “Xtreme Waste is committed to providing quality training to our staff so they can do their work to a high standard but alsoso they can gather up useful training to be used when applying for other jobs around the country. There are some great Recycle Centres set up in places like Wanaka, Kaitaia, and Kaikoura, and our staff would have a strong possibility of getting work there as they have experience, nationally recognised training and a reference.”

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